We are a custom home builder located in the great city of Lubbock Texas. Our vision is to create a home that will stand the test of time. One that is not defined by the decade in which it was built, but by unending appeal. We want people to experience our homes in a way that takes them back, yet pushes them forward. A home is more than a roof over your head. It is a place to dream big, love big, and inspire those with which you interact. A place to spur you on. A place to create legacy.

Our Story

We’ve been building homes that we hope and pray people fall in love with. It culminates with a love for making a house, a home. When Brandi and I got into this, it was a path that neither of us could have expected. However, God threw the doors open to an unrealized dream for both of us. After being in the restaurant industry, Brandi and I discussed what was next. We talked about our passions, and what we enjoyed, and we both were excited about pursuing homebuilding.  Brandi and I flipped some houses with all the moving we did but had never built from the ground up. Through those flips, I saw her God given talent shine over the first seven years of our marriage.Seven years of marriage and seven places to call home. Some of those places were rentals while others we owned, but I quickly realized Brandi’s amazing talent in our first little two bedroom apartment. After a few days of unpacking, we were all set up, and the place felt like home. The manager of the condos came by to check on us and, to our shock, asked us if we’d like to be the show apartment for a discount on our rent. Ummmm, yes please!

After moving out of that condo, no house was off limits to Brandi. Each house was a canvas for her to try her ideas and work her magic. It didn’t matter if it was a rental, or our own, she would go in and make it home by putting her touch on it. She would always leave it better than she found it.

I think my favorite story of all time was when we lived in Cedar Park, near Austin. Brandi and I had been in a house for about two years and decided to list it. Our realtor came over, saw the magic Brandi had done, and we quickly got it on the market. We received an offer on the first day including 2 back up offers. When the realtor called me with the first offer he said, “You’re not going to believe this. They want to buy the house and everything that’s in it! They want you to price it all out.” They ended up not buying everything, but I began to see some of Brandi’s talents and gifts shine through!

Beyond design, she is an amazing wife of 10 years and mom to our Three kids Graham (7), Harper (6), and Beckett (3).

I am a 2006 graduate of Texas Tech University obtaining degrees in Marketing, Management, and General Business. After spending seven years in the restaurant industry, we decided to pursue our passion of design and home building. With Brandi’s talent, coupled with my love for people, how my brain likes to think, and the guidance of a fantastic mentor, we jumped right in. I take care of your budget, pay the subs, organize meetings, handle any concerns you may have, and go out to the jobsite to make sure our quality is there. I do my best to make building emjoyable, and get you from A to point Z and beyond. From beginning to end, my goal is to build a home that is distinctly different, from look, feel, and functionality.

We are members of Hillside Christian Church in Lubbock. Our desire through this business is to be the hands and feet of Christ as we interact with our clients, sub contractors, and vendors.
Together, with our amazing sub-contractors, Toogood Built Homes is on a mission to build exquisite homes that stand the greatest test of all…time.