Quality Homes

We don’t have a choice — With a last name of Toogood, and a business named Toogood Built Homes, the only option we have is to build quality homes, and that’s exactly what we do. From ensuring we only use the best sub contractors, to the details in the framing like 2×12 headers above doors and windows, tripling up on load bearing beams, hand crafting our cabinets locally, and only using the best vendors to supply our products, we are committed to excellence in your home. Daily, we are on site ensuring that the quality we stand behind is met. We know that we are not just building a house; we are helping build your future, and we don’t take that lightly.



  • White Building Materials
    Quality, Quality, Quality. That’s Jerry’s focus when it comes to the lumber, windows, and building materials that WBM supplies. Family owned and operated in Lubbock Texas since 2010, he only believes in finding the best mill yards and window manufacturers across these great states! Find out more about White Building Materials here!
  • Casey Carpet One
    Locally owned and operated by Casey Doyle who has a deep commitment to quality. His belief in doing business right is what draws Toogood Built Homes to him. In fact, they have a “Beautiful Floor Guarantee.” If you’re not 100% satisfied, they replace it for free! Visit them here!
  • Sinclair Heating & Air
    Need we say more? These guys know how to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. using only the best, such as Bryant systems, with the proper loading, comfort is always there.

    Visit them here!

  • Acme Brick
    Since 1891, they have been doing brick right. American made by an American Company, they stand behind the quality of their brick with a 100-year guarantee. If you don’t see the Acme name, you’re not getting Acme quality.

    Visit them here!

  • Overhead Door Company
    Family owned and locally operated since 1951 whose top priority is customer service. These guys know garage doors, and their products lead the industry in quality and performance. From superior craftsmanship to their knowledge of the industry, they will take care of all your garage door needs.

    Visit them here!